Our Values:


Annie is a multi media artist, and is passionate about facilitating large scale collaborative art projects. She hopes IRLART.com can amplify the work she's been doing for over a decade.


Eliza is one of 5 curators also on the team that will help artists with their profiles. Eliza is passionate about harm reduction, mental health, and artist sustainability.


Rob's approach to marketing is creative, impactful, and continual. He builds lasting relationships, and leverages marketing artistically to deliver the brand's message and values.


Andrew is a digital artist, chef, photographer, and UX/UI wizard. He's the main reason our site looks and works so well.

What We Do:


We believe a world is possible for artists to thrive doing what they love, and for the world to be filled with more art experiences.


We want to make lifelong connections between artists and clients, deepen community, and supportive collaborative working relationships.

Give Back

We want to continue supporting artists and art projects, directly creating more resiliency in the creative ecosystem.

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