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How do I set up an artist profile?

1 - First, sign up and log in. 2- Hover over your user icon at the top next to the message icon, and click DASHBOARD. 3 - On the left hand side of your dashboard, click SETTINGS. Then, click on the tab CASHOUT. You'll need to set up a stripe account. It's easy enough, and will make getting deposits and payments super easy to manage. The IRL Art platform keeps 10% of each transaction made on the site, plus a $5.00 fee to cover the cost of generating contracts, so that we don’t have to have a minimum transaction price on the website. 4 - Next, go to your PROFILE tab. Choose a great profile photo, write your bio. 5 - Next, go to the SOCIAL tab. You can link all your social media links here which will show up on your profile. 6 - Next, go to the left side of your dashboard and click SERVICES. Click Add Service. Choose your category, name your service, add a description, subcategories, and tags. If you’d like to suggest a new category name please email us at You can always add your own tags without needing to get them approved. For subcategories, if you want to submit a new one - click submit, and we will approve or decline it within 48 hours.

What are some good examples of how to do categories, subcategories and tabs on my artist profile?

Muralist - Choose: Category - Muralist - Subcategory: Graffiti - Tags: Female, Portrait, Animal, Colorful, Large Scale, Outdoor, Indoor

Can I add different photos for each service I list?

We definitely encourage you to choose photos that represent what you are offering as services, so clients can have easy visual cues. You could also use a software like procreate or photoshop to add text at the bottom of your photos to indicate which piece goes to what service. You can also ADD A NEW service, that will create different tabs on your profile, so you can distinguish your different services that way.

Can I make changes to my profile once I have saved everything?

You can always change your services, prices, location, and information later. In fact, we encourage you to keep it updated as things in your life change, so we can stay up to date on your whereabouts, changes in pricing, and what you want to be booked for currently.

Where and how do I upload my insurance and fire safety plans?

Insurance: If you already have a Certificate of Insurance that covers the services you offer, you can also upload those to DASHBOARD > SETTINGS > INSURANCE. Some clients require insurance, and they are able to search artists who specifically already have insurance and those documents uploaded and ready on their profile. Fire Safety: In the INSURANCE section you can also add fire safety plans to streamline getting those over to the client during the check out process as well.

What are some good examples of pricing and structure of service listings?

Live Painting: $50 / hour - Notes: I keep the painting at the end of the event