Metaverse Resource Doc

Wallet and Asset Management Tools
Metamask great wallet for storing all digital assets

Zerion for seeing your complete portfolio balance
Multi Signature Safes good for boards, treasuries, groups managing assets
Hardware Wallet best to sync up and use with metamask to add 2FA
Secret Phrase Storage

Free / Open Source Software and tools:
Free IPFS File Storage
Unity build games, 3D worlds for free
Obs open broadcast / live streaming software
GitHub free open source code and project files
GIMP free alternative to photoshop
Krita similar to gimp but tuned more for sketching/drawing
Inkscape free vector images
Openshot simple video editing
Free use 3D Graphics + Videos
Sketch up - simple and free modeling program for beginners great for first timers
MagicaVoxels - basic 3D modeler for Voxel based building. Best for creating shapes and wearables in Cryptovoxels.
Gravity Sketch (iPad and VR) - Both free tools for either sketching out first draft ideas via the iPad or with a VR headset like the Meta Quest 2. Simple to learn but hard to master, but many tutorials and workflow videos on GS’s main YouTube account.

3D Metaverses you can build virtual galleries in:
Cryptovoxels - parcels cost
Build a free virtual space in Cryptovoxels

Decentraland - parcels cost
- Apply for Grant Funding through Decentraland DAO

Somnium Space - parcels cost
Learn how to build a free space in Somnium Space - free to build
- Builder Doc

Mozilla hubs
 - free to build

Sandbox - parcels cost
- Apply for Grant Funding through their Game Makers Fund

Augmented Reality Tools/apps