NFT / Digital Art Resource Doc

Wallet and Asset Management Tools
Zerion (for seeing your complete portfolio balance)
Multi Signature Safes (good for boards, treasuries, groups managing assets)
Hardware Wallet 
Secret Phrase Storage

NFT Storage

Open NFT platforms that don’t require an application process to be approved to mint (community owned and governed, has multiple platforms for various niches) (open minting = free in collection manager) (community owned and governed) (requires setting up the tezos network on your wallet, super cheap minting)  (ETH minting)

Closed NFT platforms that require an application process or an invitation to mint, but can provide wider exposure for artists:

Fund that will help you cover gas fees to mint your first NFT

Educational Resources for learning more NFTs:
Opensea NFT Bible

Decentralizing Content Creation

Influencer Marketing & Blockchain

Digital Content is Going On-Chain

The Case for Decentralizing Content

Calls for Artists / Grants
Sevens Foundation
Audius Grant (provides grants for musicians up to 2500 Audio)
CabinDAO (provides sponsorships for 1 month creator retreat in the woods, 1 cohort per month)

Carbon Offset Initiatives

Free / Open Source Software and tools for Artists + Arts Organizers:

Build a free virtual space in Cryptovoxels

Learn how to build a free space in Somnium Space

Free IPFS File Storage

Unity build games, 3D worlds for free

Obs (open broadcast / live streaming software)


Mozilla hubs


GIMP (in lieu of photoshop)

Krita (similar to gimp but tuned more for sketching/drawing)

Inkscape (vector images)

Openshot (simple video editing)

Free use 3D Graphics + Videos   (like beeple but better, because it’s switzon!!!)

Augmented Reality Tools/apps